All-new, 21st Century Edition . . .

    The Anti-Diet
learning to be
  in the moment with food

   Lynn Donovan McCann
  Awareness as the key to weight loss – a
   40-year success story by the author of
   the original Anti-Diet (1971)  

                      "A manual for living disguised as an innocent little diet book."
In 1971, Lynn Donovan published The Anti-Diet: the new pleasure power way to lose weight. The book was ahead of its time, but within a decade, the term anti-diet had surfaced in the media. The idea that awareness and enjoyment are fundamental to successful weight loss was recognized even then by a number of doctors, psychologists and nutritionists who began to include it in their regimens.

Today, a quick search of the Internet turns up anti-diet sites and references galore. Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch (Intuitive Eating), Gabriel Cousens, MD (Conscious Eating), Jan Chozen Bays, MD (Mindful Eating), and Linda Bacon (Health at Every Size) are just a few representatives of a growing movement. Jane Langille, Sherry Strong, Geneen Roth, Phil Larsen, Scott Laidler, Ann Wolters, Mickey Harpaz, MD, and Aaron Hoopes also advocate anti-diet principles that Lynn Donovan McCann originally proposed. Weight Watchers emphasizes pleasure and awareness in their modern-day program. Food writers such Jeff Gordinier and Michael Pollan of the New York Times have commented on the growing trend away from quick fixes, restrictions and standards. The Anti-Diet's time has come!

Lynn Donovan McCann still brings a fresh, original voice to the table. She is down-to-earth, realistic, and deeply respectful of the innate body wisdom we all possess. Her personal and experiential approach appeals particularly to people who are skeptical of gurus, wonder diets and science fads. See how The Anti-Diet: learning to be in the moment with food puts you in charge of your weight loss journey. Join the original anti-diet conversation and discover that you can trust your own inner signals to achieve results.

“I say: do not listen to my drummer, but learn to listen to your own.

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