* A fundamental reason why we overeat is lack of awareness about when we are hungry, when we are satisfied, what we really want to eat, when, and how much.  

 Rules, restrictions and other interventions put us further out of touch with our needs desires and tend to make the problem worse.    

 You can lose weight and keep it off through self-awareness rather than self-control.  Pleasure is your greatest ally in this process.


Try the ideas in this book on for size.  If the shoes fit, walk around
in them a while.  There is no wrong way to do The Anti-Diet.


Imagine how good it would feel to let go, eat everything you want, and look great – to have your cake and eat it, too.    

“If the idea of abandoning restraint fills you with horror, it suggests that you do not trust yourself in regard to this fundamental human need.  So, you accept restrictions in many forms, almost anybody else’s idea of what’s good for you.   Minimum daily requirements, high protein, high energy, high fiber, low carb, low fat, low calorie, and a balanced diet (which no one can agree on) – you feel you must stick to standards and guidelines set by others without stopping to consider first of all:  do I want it now?  Will it taste good to me?”  

Your desires are the true representatives of your needs.  Your appetite is there to tell you when and what to eat.    

When you ignore it, deny it, mess with it, you have no choice but to eat compulsively. This contributes to the dulling of your inner signals, the most important tools you’ve got!  Desensitized and feeling guilty, you cannot really taste and relish anything you eat, on or off the diet, but continue to seek satisfaction – eating more and enjoying it less.”


Are you secretive about eating?  Do you always clean your
plate or never skip meals?  What do you forbid yourself? 
Try not to judge; just observe.

“I watched other women pick at their dainty portion while I loaded up my fork, and wondered why the standard four ounces never satisfied me.  Standard schmandard!  Stomachs, like other parts of our anatomy, come in different sizes.  I still tend to eat big meals but no longer eat to excess.  Please don’t urge me to eat when I don’t feel like it!  I don’t care if it’s “time” or if it’s “good for me.”  My afternoon snack may become dinner.  I may graze in one major food group for a whole day.  Some people might think my current eating habits are a bit strange.  So what!” 


Start here.

Right now, if there is something you want to eat, imagine it,
taste it  –  go and get it!

Put down this book and don’t read any more until you do.  

This is not a book to read instead of getting what you want.


The original Anti-Diet (1971) proposed that eating with awareness and focusing on enjoyment will
succeed where diets fail.  Now, the original author offers long-term proof that her approach works. 
The all-new Anti-Diet (2012) is a self-directed process to get in touch and lose weight for keeps. 

Follow gentle suggestions in your own time, in your own way, and discover your own inner expert. 
See how making pleasure a priority empowers you to choose to lose.   This is the natural, effective
way to end food compulsion and love the shape you’re in – at any age. 

excerpts from

The Anti-Diet - learning to be in the moment with food



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