Born before the boomer generation, Lynn Donovan survived mid-1950s adolescence, graduated from Bennington College and settled in New York City to pursue a dance career.  This included work for stage, TV and film. In the late 1960s, she took a day job, and her star rose as a copywriter at the ad agency that helped launch Ms. Magazine. The original Anti-Diet offered her personal experience as a young, chronic overeater and dieter who learned, literally, to trust her gut.

Shortly after its publication, Lynn returned to school for an M.S.W. degree and for several years worked as a freelance editor for writers whose projects were stalled en route to deadline. She won several editorial awards for her contributions to a medical publication. To support her abiding passion for theatre, she trained as a COBOL programmer and consulted for 25 years in the business world. This enabled Lynn to devote time and energy to an off-Broadway theatre repertory company. Recently, she’s appeared in Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Ensler, and performs weekly at the Woody Regan workshop for singers. 

In addition to this fully revised edition of The Anti-Diet, other books-in-progress reflect this author’s diverse creative, professional and personal journey. Married at age 56, still a freelance editor, and currently teaching writing at a small, urban college, Lynn McCann considers herself a late bloomer. There will be no unused portion to return to the manufacturer.

“I am now a slender, vibrant septuagenarian – did I really say that? This fully revised edition of my book draws on nearly half a century of following and developing its principles. It retains much of the original with its youthful perspective, but speaks to a wider audience than originally envisioned."
"I’m living proof that The Anti-Diet works. I’m not the most willing, consistent, determined, or sane person in the world. But I have what it takes. We all do."

"Rediscovery of awareness and pleasure in eating is the experience I want to share with you, learning step-by-step to eat everything you want and nothing you don’t want. That’s all there is to it. It does take effort, but it is never arduous and it can be learned."               




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